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Combining Travel & Impact

Careated partners with regenerative tour operators, non-profits, and hospitality companies to create and distribute experiences that provide positive long-term impact in the communities guests travel to. We help hotels become a leader in responsible travel.

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Going beyond a one time investment, Careated is pioneering a new kind of regenerative travel.

Fresh New Leaf


Curated with Care 

Our team will select particular destinations with your hotel brand to implement impact experiences. We will research, evaluate, and meet with partners on the ground to create, vet, and enhance the impact experiences to ensure they go beyond a ~travel memory~ for your guests.


Distribution Method 

Careated provides hotels an online-booking platform in order for guests to book these experiences in the destinations they travel to. The accessibility and ease of finding give-back experiences will accelerate the regenerative travel movement. We will work with you to design a customized view for your guests.


Impact Reporting 

Careated will continue to ensure all of your community experiences contribute to at least one of the 17 UN sustainable development goals and all donations are implemented for further project development by our suppliers. We continue to receive feedback, measure, and evaluate the long-term success of your investment in the local communities.

One Platform for facilitating community impact & collecting data

Community Need Evaluation 

Establish Partnerships 

Discover Authentic Experiences 

Support Local Communities 

Measure Destination Impact

Seamless Technology 

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